Undergraduate Programs

Details & Semester Outlines for BS Biotech

BS Biotechnology at SZABIST is a four-year program spread over eight semesters and consists of 135 credit hours of teaching, 43 courses, an internship of at least six weeks, and a research project. The maximum time limit to complete the BS degree is six years.

Candidates are required to have 50% marks in Intermediate (FSc) or O-Levels (minimum 8 passes) and A-levels (minimum 3 passes in at least two subjects; Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).

First Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester



BTC 1103 Cell Biology

BTC 1204 Microbiology

BTC 1105 English for General Purposes

BTC 1201 Biochemistry-I

BTC 1101 Biomathematics

BTC 1202 English for Academic Purposes

BTC 1102 Biosafety & Biosecurity

BTC 1206 Sociology

BTC 1104 Chemistry

BTC 1205 Probability & Biostatistics


BTC 1203 Islamic Studies / Ethics & Pakistan Studies

Second Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

BTC 2303 English for Professional Purposes

BTC 2402 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution -II

BTC 2305 Microbial Biotechnology

BTC 2404 Immunology

BTC 2304 Introduction to Computer Science

BTC 2405 Molecular Biology

BTC 2301 Biochemistry-II

BTC 2403 Humanities

BTC 2302 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-I

BTC 2401 Classical Genetics

Third Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

BTC 3505 Principles of Biochemical Engineering

BTC 3603 Industrial Biotechnology

BTC 3504 Introduction to Biotechnology

BTC 3601 Agriculture Biotechnology

BTC 3503 Enzymology

BTC 3605 Nutrition and Dietetics

BTC 3501 Bioethics

BTC 3602 Health Biotechnology

BTC 3506 Psychology

BTC 3606 Research Methodology

BTC 3502 Business Management

BTC 3604 Medical Biotechnology

Fourth Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

BTC 4705 Research Report I

BTC 4801 Biological physics

BTC 4701 Animal and Plant Tissue Culture

BTC 4805 Research Report II

BTC 4702 Bioinformatics

BTC 4802 Environmental Biotechnology

BTC 4703 Fermentation Biotechnology

BTC 4803 Food Biotechnology

BTC 4xxx Elective-I

BTC 4xxx Elective-III

BTC 4xxx Elective-II

BTC 4xxx Elective-IV


BTC 4xxx Medical Transcription

BTC 4xxx Nanotechnology

BTC 4xxx Advanced Molecular Techniques

BTC 4xxx Virology

BTC 4xxx Systems Biology

BTC 4xxx Advance Biochemical Techniques

BTC 4xxx Stem cell Research

BTC 4xxx Telemedicine

BTC 4xxx Marine Biotechnology

BTC 4xxx Fungal Biotechnology