Undergraduate Programs

Details & Semester Outlines for BS Entrepreneurship

SZABIST offers a four-year (eight semesters) BS Entrepreneurship degree program of 144 credit hours. For the BS Entrepreneurship program, the students are required to complete 45 courses and a 9 credit hours Capstone Project. The courses include 41 compulsory courses and 4 electives. To obtain the BS Entrepreneurship degree, students have to complete 144 credit hours and 2 apprenticeships. Maximum time limit to complete the BS Entrepreneurship degree is seven years.

First Year


EN 1103 Introduction to Accounting

EN 1203 Introduction to Sociology

EN 1105 Islamiat and Pakistan Studies / Humanities

EN 1201 Accounting for Business Operations

EN 1102 Computer Applications in Business

EN 1205 Microeconomics

EN 1104 Introduction to Human Behavior

EN 1202 Business and Electronic Communication

EN 1101 Business Mathematics and Calculus

EN 1206 Personal Management

EN 1106 Oral and Written Communication

EN 1204 Management Principles

Second Year


EN 2303 Macroeconomics

EN 2405 Media Management

EN 2302 Logic and Critical Thinking

EN 2404 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

EN 2301 Introduction to Business Finance

EN 2401 Business and Labour Laws

EN 2305 Marketing Principles

EN 2403 Consumer Behavior

EN 2304 Managerial Statistics

EN 2406 Operations Management

EN 2306 Organizational Behavior

EN 2402 Business Ethics

Third Year


EN 3502 Business Plan Development

EN 3609 Capstone Project-I

EN 3501 Business Analysis and Forecasting

EN 3603 Launching a Venture

EN 3503 Entrepreneurial Marketing

EN 3602 Human Resource Management

EN 3504 Finance and Taxation for Entrepreneurs

EN 3605 Product Innovation and Design

EN 3506 Sustainability and Technology

EN 3601 Analysis of Pakistani Industries

EN 3505 Marketing Research

EN 3604 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Fourth Year


EN 4709 Capstone Project-II

EN 4809 Capstone Project-III

EN 4701 Issues in Pakistan's Economy

EN 4801 Business Policy and Design

EN 4702 Financing a Venture

EN 4802 Innovative Business Models

EN 4703 Emerging Media

EN 4803 SME Management

EN 4xxx Elective-I

EN 4xxx Elective-III

EN 4xxx Elective-II

EN 4xxx Elective-IV


EN 4xxx Mergers and Acquisition

EN 4xxx Legal Framework for Entrepreneurs

EN 4xxx Trade and Retail Management

EN 4xxx Export Marketing

EN 4xxx Services Marketing

EN 4xxx Business Development

EN 4xxx Social Entrepreneurship

EN 4xxx Technopreneurship

EN 4xxx Intrapreneurship

EN 4xxx Agribusiness Management

EN 4xxx Family Business Management

EN 4xxx Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership

EN 4xxx Crisis Management

EN 4xxx Managing and Growing a Business

EN 4xxx Creativity and Business

EN 4xxx Applied Game Theory

EN 4xxx Executive Leadership