Undergraduate Programs

Details & Semester Outlines for BS (Social Sciences)

For the BS (SS), the students are required to complete 48 courses, which include 39 compulsory courses, 8 electives and a research report.

To obtain the BS degree, the student should have completed a minimum of 144 credit hours, an internship and passed the comprehensive examination.

First Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

SS 1101 Computer and Web Skills I

SS 1203 Computer and Web Skills II

SS 1102 English Writing Skills

SS 1205 Macroeconomics

SS 1103 Islamiat and Pakistan Studies

SS 1206 History of Art

SS 1105 Microeconomics

SS 1207 Community Services II

SS 1107 Community Services I

SS 1208 Oral Communication and Presentation Skills

SS 1201 Introduction to Social Sciences

SS 1209 Social Policy

Second Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

SS 2305 Human Geography

SS 2406 Gender Studies

SS 2306 Psychology

SS 2409 Statistics II

SS 2307 Sociology

SS 2411 Environmental Studies

SS 2309 Statistics I

SS 2412 International Relations

SS 1255 Linguistics

SS 2413 Philosophy

SS 1xxx Minor I

SS 1xxx Minor 2

Third Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

SS 2405 Enlightenment

SS 3604 European Studies

SS 3507 Culture, Media and Society

SS 3605 International Law and Human Rights

SS 3509 Language I

SS 3606 Political Economy

SS 4xxx Elective I

SS 3609 Language II

SS 4xxx Elective II

SS 4xxx Elective III

SS 1xxx Minor 3

SS 4xxx Elective IV

Fourth Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

SS 3503 Development Studies

SS 4803 Middle Eastern Studies

SS 3504 Research Methods

SS 4804 Public Policy

SS 4708 South Asian Studies

SS 4805 Research Report

SS 1xxx Minor 4

SS 1xxx Minor 5

SS 4xxx Elective V

SS 4xxx Elective VII

SS 4xxx Elective VI

SS 4xxx Elective VIII


SS 1154 Literature

SS 1254 World History

SS 1156 Anthropology

SS 1256 Journalism

SS 1157 Comparative Religion

SS 1257 Political Science

SS 1158 Folk Studies

SS 1259 Language IV

SS 1159 Language III

All courses may not necessarily be offered every year. Alternate courses may be substituted as and when needed.
Full-time academic load is six courses. All students are required to register for full load in the first semester.


The internship is scheduled for summer at the end of the third year. At the end of the six week internship, all students are required to submit a comprehensive report, giving details of their experience and learning.

Comprehensive Examination

The Comprehensive Examination must be passed by all BS candidates.



SS 4111 Abnormal Psychology

SS 4137 Civil Society and Peace Movements

SS 4112 Developmental Psychology

SS 4138 Corporate Social Responsibility

SS 4134 Cognitive Psychology

SS 4139 Gender and Development

SS 4135 Educational Psychology

SS 4141 Mass Media and Society

SS 4136 Humanistic Psychology

SS 4237 Post-Colonial State and Social Development

SS 4233 Organizational Psychology

SS 4238 Social Entrepreneurship

SS 4234 Psychodynamic

SS 4239 Social Justice and Civil Society

SS 4235 Psychology of Learning

SS 4241 Sociology of Education

SS 4236 Social Psychology

SS 4242 The Sociology of Poverty


SS 4122 Foreign Policy

SS 4139 Gender and Development

SS 4123 International Politics

SS 4147 Economic Development and Planning

SS 4133 Diplomacy

SS 4148 Economics of Marketing

SS 4142 Conflict Resolution

SS 4149 Human Resource Development

SS 4218 International Political Economy

SS 4231 Development Economics

SS 4219 Peace Research

SS 4232 Monetary Economic

SS 4221 Refugees and Migration Studies

SS 4151 Managerial Economics

SS 4222 Strategic Studies

SS 4228 History of Economic Thoughts

SS 4244 Globalization

SS 4249 Pakistan Economy

SS 4248 Global Governance

SS 4251 Sustainable Development


SS 3607 Geographies and Development


SS 4143 Comparative Politics

SS 4245 Muslim Political Philosophy

SS 4144 Democracy and Development

SS 4246 Peace Studies

SS 4145 Foreign Policy of Pakistan

SS 4247 Politics and Development

SS 4146 Modern Ideologies

SS 4248 Politics of Reconciliation