Graduate Programs

Details & Semester Outlines for MBA Banking and Finance

MBA Program (Banking & Finance)

MBA B&F (36 credit hours program for student with a 4-year BBA degree/equivalent business degree)

For students with a 4-year BBA degree or equivalent business degree, the duration of the MBA (B&F) is 1.5 years. Ten MBA courses (30 credits) and a Business Research Project (6 credits) or an Academic Research Project (6 Credits) are needed to graduate. Students are also required to complete a 6-week internship. The maximum duration to complete this degree is 4 years.

First Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

BA 5501 Applied Research Methods

BA 5175 Banking Operations

BA 5273 Prudential Regulations

BA 5222 Credit Analysis and Appraisal

BA 5235 Treasury and Funds Management

BA 5139 Financial Risk Analysis

BA 5xxx Elective-I

BA 5xxx Elective-II

Second Year

Fall Semester

BA 5xxx Elective-III

BA 5xxx Elective-IV

*BA 5609 Academic Research Project (6 credits) OR

BA 5509 Business Research Project (6 Credits)

BA 5109 Thesis (6 Credits)


All courses may not offered every year. Alternate courses may be substituted as and when needed.

*A Student may either take Business Research Project or Academic Research Project or Thesis.


BA 5xxx Asset Management

BA 5278 Banking Crisis and Management

BA 5262 Behavioral Finance

BA 5xxx Capital Markets

BA 5xxx Commercial Banking

BA 5xxx Corporate Investment and Banking

BA 5xxx Corporate Restructuring and Design

BA 5xxx Financial Intermediations

BA 5229 Financial Modeling

BA 5xxx Financial Planning and Budgeting

BA 5223 Marketing of Financial Services

BA 5xxx Financial Systems

BA 5255 Fixed Income Securities

BA 5xxx Foreign Exchange Operations and Management

BA 5xxx Banking Insurance

BA 5231 Islamic Banking and Finance

BA 5xxx Information System Audit

BA 5151 International Finance

BA 5xxx Leasing Strategies and Regulations

BA 5xxx Mergers and Acquisitions in Banking

BA 5xxx Options and Derivatives

BA 5xxx Project Financing

BA 5158 Micro and SME Finance

BA 5xxx Theory and Policy of Modern Finance

BA 5294 Venture Capital and Private Equity

BA 5279 Working Capital Management


All MBA (B&F) students are required to complete a 6-week internship. SZABIST has its separate internship and placement department (EDC) that support students in finding a suitable opportunity for their internship. Completion of the internship is a degree requirement for all MBA programs. Students can produce their current employment record as an alternative to the internship program provided such employment experience is recognized by SZABIST.

All courses may not offered every year. Alternate courses may be substituted as and when needed

*A student may take either Academic Research Project or Business Research Project or Thesis

The University reserves the right to change its programs and policies at any time without prior notice. All courses may not necessarily be offered. Alternate courses may be substituted as and when needed.