Graduate Programs

Details & Semester Outlines for Masters in Human Resource Management (MHRM)

This Program is comprised of 33 credit hours (10 courses +1 industry project). The courses are offered in three consecutive semesters.The course plan is divided into core courses, elective courses and an industry research project.


For admission to the MHRM Program:
• The applicant must possess a minimum of sixteen years of education from HEC recognized educational institutes with minimum 55% marks/CGPA 2.50
• Work experience of 2 years or more will also be required for admission to this program.

First Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

HR 5101 Advanced Recruitment and Selection

HR 5102 Advanced Rewards and Performance Management

HR 5204 Advanced Topics in Organizational Theory and Behavior

HR 5201 Advanced Training and Development

HR 5322 Knowledge Management

HR 5203 International Human Resource Management

HR 53xx Elective -1

HR 5319 Institutional Effectiveness and Global Governance in Human Resource

HR 53xx Elective 2

Summer Semester

HR 53xx Elective 3

HR 5308 Final Project


HR 5311 Advanced Topics in Organizational Behavior

HR 5312 Communication Strategies at the Workplace

HR 5313 Continuous Professional Development

HR 5314 Employee Engagement Strategies

HR 5315 Employee Relation

HR 5316 Ergonomics at the Workplace

HR 5317 Human Resource Information Management

HR 5318 Innovation and Change Management

HR 5321 ISOs Certification

HR 5323 Learning Organization

HR 5324 Organization Restructuring

HR 5325 Organizational Development

HR 5326 QR Strategies and Legality

HR 5327 Quality Assurance Management

HR 5328 Rewards and Performance Management

HR 5329 Supply Chain Management

HR 5331 Talent Management

HR 5332 Total Quality Management

HR 5333 Work and Organization

HR 5334 Workforce Diversity

HR 5335 Workload Balance

HR 5336 Change Management

HR 5337 Strategic Human Resource Management