Graduate Programs

Details & Semester Outlines for Master of Public Health (MPH)

MPH at SZABIST is a two-year program spread over four semesters and consists of 60 credit hours of teaching. The curriculum includes 22 courses, 16 of 3 credit hours each, 3 of 2 credit hours, an internship of at least six weeks, and a research project (Thesis) of 6 credit hours. The maximum time limit to complete the MPH degree is 5 years.

First Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

MPH 5101  Environmental & Occupational Health

MPH 5201  Chronic Non Communicable Diseases

MPH 5102  Epidemiology 

MPH 5202  Health Services Administration

MPH 5103  Foundation of Public Health

MPH 5203  Infectious Diseases 

MPH 5104  Social and Behavioral Sciences 

MPH 5204  Nutrition and Health

MPH 5105  Statistical Reasoning in Public Health

MPH 5205  Research Methodology

Second Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

MPH 5301  Demography

MPH 5401  Health Policy 

MPH 5302  Health Promotion

MPH 5402  International Health 

MPH 5303  Medical Ethics

MPH 5403 PPP and NGO Management 

MPH 5304  Medical Genetics 

MPH 5409  Thesis 

MPH 5305  Medicine and Law


MPH 5306 Maternal and Child Health