Graduate Programs

Details & Semester Outlines for MS (Social Sciences)

For the MS program, the students are required to complete 8 courses, which includes 4 compulsory courses, 2 Independent Studies and 2 electives each in Psychology, Sociology, International Relation, Political Science, Economics, Media Studies, Education, Public Administration, NGO Management, Gender Studies, Philosophy, Law & Human Rights and Public Policy and a Thesis.

To obtain the MS degree, the student should have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours.

First Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

SS 5105 Research Methodology

SS 5116 Econometrics

SS 5207 Quantitative Tools for Decision Making

SS 5114 Orginizational Development

SS 5xxx Elective I

SS 5208 Independent Study I


SS 5xxx Elective II



Summer Semester

SS 5208 Independent Study I




Fall Semester

SS 5109 Thesis



SS 5104 Politics of Geo Economics

SS 5306 Sacred & Secular

SS 5111 Democratization as a Global Process

SS 5311 Environmental Studies

SS 5212 NGO Management

SS 5312 Globalization & Developing Countries

SS 5214 Public Policy Management

SS 5313 Intellectual Property Rights and Law

SS 5305 Political Economy of Pakistan